Top 10 Best Racing Movies

The history of racing movies is rich with some of the best and most loved racing actions in history. It is important to note that some of these excellent movies are not from recent productions. The best in the list of the top best racing movies include movie production that date back to the 1970s. Although these polls re updated frequently, there is never a time when racing movies from long ago have not been featured among the top in the list. Regardless of what the polls indicate, it is apparent that there is a high calibre of racing movies available today. The list of these top movies was derived from people opinions and it is the people who rate the polls.

Two Lane Blacktop

This movie was produced in the early 1970s and is the most watched racing movie online today. With a rating as high as 7.91 it beats some of the recent productions of racing movies. It details the story of two men who go drag racing across the USA in a primer grey 55 Chevy. The two characters are Wilson the mechanic and James Taylor, the driver. What adds mystery to the mix is the characters complete attention and adherence to the car and lack of conversation.

Le Mans

 This is also a classic racing movie that showcases the life of endurance racers whose personal life drives the story into one of the best on track drama ever produced. It depicts an auto race during the 1970s that takes place on the world famous Le Mans race track in France and features actor Steve McQueen. It is still one of the most popular movies today due to its accurate depiction of the times.

Fast and Furious

This 2009 production also joins the group of best racing movies in history. The movie is an action packed street racing action with a modern setting full of muscle cars and car chases. Filled with a star studded cast, this movie has become a hit series and never fails to produce fast paced high intensity action as well as superb storytelling and heart pumping racing. Vin Diesel is definitely the star of the show.


Produced in 2006, this is another recent production that has captured the hearts of racing fans. Moreover, since its debut the movie has been a delight for families that love racing movies. It provides not only a racing mix to the 3d scene but also provides comedy and a whole range of other enjoyments that are sure to be loved by people from all walks of life and at any age. A number of celebrity names have given their voice to the show and it makes for excellent movie viewing.

Vanishing Point

It is believed that this movie has one of the best car chases in the history of movies. It has a host of exciting and very interesting characters that qualifies it to be in this top 10 list. Features amazing cars including the extremely popular 1970 Dodge Challenger and was a modern classic at the time of production in 1971. The story details Kowalski and his challenge to race from Colorado to San Francisco in under 15 hours, providing exhilarating speed and adrenaline.

The Last American Hero

1973 saw to the production of this movie which is based on a true story of a racing legend. It follows the character of this legend, his career and racing talent. It details the grit and determination that went into a heart stopping race that not online defined a sport but also a man amongst men. The movie was based on Robert Glenn “Junior’ Johnson and his rise to fame through learning the trade of racing and bringing it to fruition in NASCAR. Expertly played by Jeff Bridges in the movie.

Grand Prix

1966 was the year this movie was produced. It was set in the Grand Prix race circuit. This movie is more of a romance story intertwined with friendship and the hardships and joys that come with such a relation. Not only does it provide a strong consistency and quality of racing but also includes a well progressive and loved story. Adds more than just a racing scene to the mix and has enough to cater to all audiences, with the excellent performances of James Garner and Eva Marie Saint.

Heart like a Wheel

This is a story of a woman who fought her way into a male dominated world to find her own happiness and success. One of the few stories based on female drivers, it set a trend for quality storytelling and was nominated for numerous awards. It shows her determination to prove everyone wrong and make her way to the top on her own accord, showing the world that she and women like herself can achieve anything that they set their minds to. It is a truly inspirational movie and a classic in film.

Death Race

The movie is more about the race of life and events that follow inmates who are fighting for their freedom in any way they think best. It is characterized by a brutal and fast paced race to power and violence. Features intense and sometimes hilarious performance by an ever spectacular Jason Statham. Despite the name, the movie keeps pulling up surprising twists and also gripping entertainment to ensure that the next step is not predictable and allows for much free flowing movement throughout the progression of the story.

3 –The Dale Earnhardt Story

This list is not complete without the life story of a legend. The movie open the life of this racing star from his personal moment to the struggles he has with is family and how these moments shaped him. Aired originally as a TV only event, this movie drew in a number of eager fans anticipating the story of legendary hero amongst the sport who tragically lost his life in the final lap of an event that was extremely important, the Daytona 500. He is still considered by many to be a legend of the spot and missed by the community.


The 10 best racing movies in history are not only recent poductions. They expand well beyond the past 10 years and show a true appreciation for the sport. It is possible to find some fascinating and highly rated productions that still provide the thrill and excitement that only the best in this category can offer. Additionally, some of the good racing movies are actually based on original stories of racing legends. Truth can create gripping drama and in some cases become more interesting than fiction itself.

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